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The Wayline Converter web-based tool enables farmers and contractors to easily convert straight waylines and field boundaries between AGCO and third party guidance systems. The tool converts AGCO data into different AGCO formats as well as other third party formats. Third party data can be converted into AGCO data formats.* For this purpose, please ensure that you have access to the following components: For detailed instructions and product information, please consult the User Handbook found within the Wayline Converter web application.
The Wayline Converter is currently only available in EU member states, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and USA. Please choose your country of implementation and residence from the drop down menu in order to proceed.
Usage is only permitted in the countries shown below

*John Deere Greenstar data can be imported and converted into all AGCO data formats, however AGCO data cannot be converted into the Greenstar format.